In Washington, rumors abound
that JFK has cut a secret deal...

...with Russian Premier Khrushchev...
...not to invade Cuba in return
for a Russian withdrawal of missiles.

Suspicions abound that Kennedy
is soft on communism.

Kennedy also finds himself embroiled
in Laos and Vietnam.

We've got our difficulties there.
Unless a greater effort is made
by the government...

...to win popular support,
I don't think the war can be won there.

Is their war. They're the ones
who have to win it or lose it.

Early that fateful summer...
...Kennedy speaks of his new vision
at the American University.

What kind of peace do I mean?
What kind of peace do we seek?
Not a Pax Americana...
...enforced on the world
by American weapons of war.

We must re-examine our own attitudes
towards the Soviet Union.

Our most basic, common link...
...is that we all inhabit...
...this small planet.
We all breathe the same air.
We all cherish our children's futures.
And we are all mortal.
You fucking assholes!
Don't leave me here!
They've gone to Dallas.
They're going to kill...
Call somebody.
Stop them.
These are serious fucking guys.
She's been high on something
since they brought her in.