I'm ashamed to be an American today.
The President of the United States is dead.
I just talked to Father Oscar Hubert
of the Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

He told me...
...President Kennedy has been given
the last rites.

Shortly after 12:30...
...near the park in downtown Dallas...
...the shots rang out.
The President is dead.
The bullets came up over our heads...
...from that fence up on the knoll.
I seen his face when it hit.
His ear blew off and he turned real white.
He flopped over on his stomach...
...with his foot sticking out.
None of us thought it could happen
in America or any place else.

All this blubbering over
that no-count son of a bitch!

They're bawling like they knew the man.
Makes me want to puke.

For God's sake, the President was shot.
A bullshit President!
Nobody's crying for the thousands
of Cubans...

...that bastard condemned to death
and torture at Bay of Pigs.

Goddamn peace treaties!
I heard shots from over there.
I heard shots from over there.
How many?

Tha¬Ěs what happens
when you let the niggers vote.

They get together with the Jews
and the Catholics...

...and elect an Irish bleeding heart.
Chief, maybe you had too much to drink.
Here's to the New Frontier.
Camelot in smithereens.
I'll drink to that.
Dallas police have just announced...
...they have a suspect in the killing
of Dallas policeman J.D. Tippet...