The President met with Henry Cabot Lodge,
our Ambassador to Vietnam...

...and members of his Cabinet.
The major subject was Vietnam...
...a crisis that does not pause
for bereavement.

From this meeting...
...came affirmations that
the US would continue aiding...

...the new government of Vietnam in
its war against the Communist insurgents.

David Ferrie.
Come on in.
Thanks for coming.
Remember me? We met
on Carondelet Street after your election.

I remember.
You make quite an impression.

I've heard you're a first-rate pilot.
Legend has it you can get in
and out of the smallest field.

I'm a pilot myself. Flew grasshoppers
for the field artillery in the war.

Make yourself comfortable.
Mind if I smoke?
How could I?
As you know, President Kennedy
was assassinated on Friday.

A man named Lee Harvey Oswald
was arrested as a suspect...

...then murdered yesterday
by a man named Jack Ruby.

We've had reports that Oswald
spent the summer here...

...and that you knew Oswald.
I've never met anyone named Oswald.
Anyone who told you that has to be crazy.

He served in your Civil Air Patrol unit
when he was a teenager.

If he did, I don't remember him.
Lots of boys in and out.
Surely you've seen this. Perhaps
you knew him under another name?

I never saw him before in my life.
Then we must have gotten
mistaken information.

Thanks for straightening it out.
There's one other matter.
We heard you went to Texas
shortly after the assassination on Friday.