Dinner's just about ready.
Got a surprise for you tonight.
Tried something new.


Smells good. Do you know Oswald...
...was interrogated for 12 hours
after the assassination...

...with no lawyer present,
and nobody recorded a word of it.

I can't believe it. An experienced
police captain and a crowd of FBI agents...

...had to know that with no record,
what Oswald said is inadmissible in court.

Les talk at the table. Is getting cold.
What are you doing here?
Daddy said is okay if I'm quiet.
Sure it is.
If I handled a minor felon that way,
id be all over the papers.

This is the alleged murderer
of the President.

Again and again
credible testimony's ignored.

Leads are not followed up,
conclusions are selective, no index.

Is the sloppiest investigation
I've ever seen.

Dozens of witnesses heard the shots...
...coming from the grassy knoll
in front of Kennedy...

...not the Book Depository behind him.
But is broken down and spread around.
You read it, but the point is lost.

I never believed it.
I'll do the dishes. You take Eb up.
Elizabeth, your bedtime too!
That was three years ago.
We've tried to put it out of our minds.

You keep digging it up.
You're the DA of New Orleans.
Isn't the Kennedy assassination
a bit out of your domain?

All those important people studied it.
I can't believe a man as intelligent
as Earl Warren read those volumes.