They both had uniforms.
At the time of the shooting...
...there seemed to be some commotion.
I'm just unable to describe...
...a flash of light or smoke or something...
...which caused me to feel that something
out of the ordinary...

...had occurred on the embankment.
You all right?
Honey, is incredible.

The whole thing.
A Lt. Colonel testifies that...
...Oswald had a Russian language exam
as part of his Marine training...

...only a few months before he defects
to the Soviet Union.

A Russian exam.
Is 4:30 in the morning!
I have five kids who'll wake up in an hour.

In all my years in the military, I never knew
a single man who had a Russian test.

Oswald was a radar operator.
He'd have about as much use for Russian
as a cat has for pajamas.

These books have gotten to your mind!
Stop reading.
He makes it sound like nothing.

Oswald did badly on his test.
He got only two more Russian words right
than wrong.

Thas like me saying
Touchdown is not very intelligent...

...because I beat him three games
out of five when we played chess.

Are you going to stay up all night,
every night? For what?

To be the only man who's read
all 26 volumes of the Warren Report?

Do I have to spell it out for you?
Lee Oswald was no ordinary soldier.
He was in military intelligence,
thas why he was trained in Russian.

It was no accident he was in Russia.