After the arrest, 544 Camp St.
never appeared on the pamphlets again.

He was arrested for fighting
with anti-Castro Cubans.

But he'd contacted them already...
...as an ex-Marine trying
to join their anti-Castro crusade.

When they heard he was now pro-Castro,
they paid him a visit.

Whas this Fidel shit?
You lied to me!
Liar! Son of a bitch!
Do not take this Communist propaganda!
If you want to hit me, hit me.
You pinko shit!
Go back to Moscow!
There was no real fight.
The arresting Lieutenant later said
he felt it was a staged incident.

In jail, Oswald has a private session...
...with Special Agent John Quigley
of the FBI.

Oswald is released.
And Quigley destroys his notes
from the interview.

The arrest gets Oswald a lot of publicity.
And he appears on a local TV debate.
You are a Communist, are you not?
No, Mr. Bringuier. I am not a Communist.
I'm a Marxist-Leninist.
Communist, Marxist-Leninist,
whas the difference?

What if I told you Oswald was trained
in the Russian language in the Marines?

I'd say he got intelligence training.
You were a Marine. Who'd run it?
Office of Naval Intelligence.
Look across the street.
Post Office.
Upstairs, in 1963, that was
the Office of Naval Intelligence.

By coincidence, Banister,
before he was FBl, was ONI.

Whas their saying?
"Once ONl, always ONI."
He likes working near his old pals.
We are standing in the heart of...
...the US governmens intelligence
community in New Orleans.

Thas the FBI.
Thas the CIA.
Thas the Secret Service.
Thas the ONI.
Isn't this a strange place for...
...a Communist to spend his spare time?