We don't need gates with that swamp.
Many of them gone in there,
none of them came out.

You got visitors here.
Don't give them trouble.

How you doing, Mr. Broussard?
Les go, Willie.

Thank you, Mr. O'Keefe, for this time.
I got nothing but time.
Minutes, hours, days. Years of it.
Time stands still here,
like a snake sunning itself.

Clay Bertrand?
I met him sometime in...
...June of '62. The Masquerade Bar.
Dave Ferrie took me there
expressly to meet him.

Sexual purposes?
Did he pay you?
$20 each time. Ain't no secret.
Thas what I'm in here for.

Anything unusual about him...
...you'd be able to describe in court?
He had something wrong with his leg.
A limp.

Don't get me wrong.
He's not one of those limp wrists.

He's a butch John. Meet him on the street,
you'd never snap.

You could play poker with him,
go fishing, you'd never snap.

One night we were at David Ferrie's...
...some time late in the summer of '63.
There was about nine to ten people there.
Cuban. Friends who'd done stuff
in the bush with him. Place was a mess.

Dave's mind was a mess.
He had caged mice...

...'cause he's working on a cancer cure.
Dave's smart, though.
Speaks five languages.