Anything on the hoboes?
Dallas Times Herald photographer
got great shots.

Never published.
Can't say that comes as a surprise.
They took them to the sheriff's
and let them go. No record of questioning.

Do they look like the hoboes
you remember?

These two look young.
Not a frayed collar or cuff,
fresh haircuts and shaves...

...clean hands, new shoe leather.
Who the hell are they then?

Sit down.
This could be it. Les look for them.
What about the railroad man, Lee Bowers,
who saw the men at the picket fence?

Graveyard. Dead. August this year.
Single-car accident on an empty road
in Midlothian, Texas.

The doctor said he was in a strange shock
when he died.

We need to find more witnesses.
There was Rose Cheramie, a whore.
She said she was a dope runner
for Jack Ruby.

And that Ruby knew Oswald for years.
Can we talk to her?
She's dead too.

Hit and run.
Why don't we go to the horse's mouth?
Jack Ruby's been in a Dallas jail cell
for three years. Maybe he'll crack.

Can't. If I go to him our investigation
will hit the front pages.

Ill blow up in our face.
Susie, what did you find on Oswald?

Negative on his tax records. Classified.
First time a DA can't get a tax record.
I asked for the CIA files on Oswald
that were part of the Warren Report.

About 1,200 documents.
Can't get one of them.

All classified as secret on the grounds
of national security.

Gave me his grammar school records.
Is a study of his pubic hairs.