...at the warehouse on Elm Street
at the Book Depository.

So he can now exercise his intellect,
stacking school texts at $1.25 an hour.

Marina fights with Lee about many things.
His secrecy, their lack of money.
She says that Lee is not sexually adequate.
Lee hits her on several occasions.
At the age of 24...
...he rents a room in Dallas
under the alias of O.H. Lee.

Do you want to watch TV?
Are you all right?

No, thank you. I'm fine.
All I know about the Williams is
their tax returns are classified.

Bill Williams has links to the CIA
through his family...

...does classified work for Bell Helicopter.
Bill's convenient separation from Janet
allows Marina to move into her house...

...where she suddenly becomes
Marina's best friend.

There Marina and Lee
have a second daughter.

I have to go away. Just for a short while.
Whas wrong with this family?
I love Lee...
...and I sorry him.
Sorry for him?
When he's arrested,
Marina buries him with the public.

She describes him as a psychotic
and violent man.

I have too much facts...
...and facts tell me that Lee shot Kennedy.
After being locked away
by the feds for two months...

...and afraid she'd be deported...
...she was probably suffering
from nervous exhaustion.

They taught her how to answer.
When they think she's ready,
they buy her dresses...

...polish her appearance and wheel her out.
I'd like to thank the Warren Commission.
Oswald was no angel.

But who was he?
I'm lost. What are we saying?
That when Oswald went to Russia,
he was not a real defector.