Jack was a pimp.
A bagman for the Dallas mob.

Ran guns to Castro
when he was on our side.

Castro was almost with us
till we tried to whack him.

Everybody keeps flipping sides.
Is fun and games.
How do the mob figure in this?
They're Agency too.

The CIA and the Mafia worked together
for years trying to whack out the beard.

There's more to this than you could dream!
Check out something called
"Operation Mongoose."

Government, Pentagon stuff.
They're in charge.

But who pulls whose chain? Who knows?
"Oh, what a deadly web we weave
when we practice to deceive."

Who killed the President?
Why don't you fucking stop it? Shit!
This is too big for you, you know that?
Who did the President? Fuck!
Is a mystery.

Is a mystery wrapped in a riddle
inside an enigma!

The shooters don't even know!
Don't you get it?

Fuck, man! I can't keep talking like this!
They'll fucking kill me!
I'll fucking die!
Son of a bitch!
Is all right.
I don't know what happened.
All I wanted in the world...
...was to be a Catholic priest.
Live in a monastery.
Pray. Serve God.
I had...
...one terrible fucking weakness.
And they defrocked me!
Then I started to lose everything.
You'll be okay, Dave.
Just talk to us on the record.
We'll protect you.