...kill himself in a way that leaves no trace?
And leave two unsigned suicide notes?
If is a suicide, I've seen weirder.
The fact is, he's gone. And so is our case.
Unless we go for Shaw now.
With whose testimony?
O'Keefe, a male prostitute?

Jack Martin, a drunk?
Vernon Bundy, a dope fiend?

Shaw's got respect. Newspaper editors,
American Bar Association.

I agree. We don't have the goods.
We wait, Shaw will get whacked!

How many corpses do you need
to figure out whas going on?

Watch your mouth! Ferrie did this himself.
Where're you going?
I don't know.
I just don't know.
Frank, you're wasting your time here.
Big Jim gave strict orders. No FBI.
Is you I want to talk to.
Boss'd fry me in hog fat
if he knew I talked to you.

Boss's got a problem. Real serious.
We know whas going on at your office.
I guess you do.
You got nothing. I'm a friend.
You're riding on the Titanic.

Time to jump off
before you get destroyed, too.

We're talking about your career.
You're young.

You're working on the Castro thing.
No, I'm not.
You are.

We know Oswald didn't pull that trigger.
Castro did.

If it comes out, there'll be a war.
Millions of people will die.
Thas more important than Jim Garrison.

Look at me when I talk to you!
You're too selfish!

Shut up!
If you got a brain in your thick skull,
listen to me. Listen real hard.

Get in the car.