Glad you came.
Sorry about the precautions.
I just hope it was worth my while, Mr..?
I could give you a false name,
but I won't. Call me "X."

I've already been warned by the Agency,
so, if this is another threat...

I'm not with the Agency, Mr. Garrison.
If you've come this far,
what I have to say interests you.

I won't name names or tell you who
or what I represent.

Except to say you're close.
Closer than you think.
Everything I'll say is classified top secret.
I was a soldier, Mr. Garrison. Two wars.
A secret Pentagon guy,
supplying the hardware:

Planes, bullets, rifles...
...for what we call "Black Operations."
Black Ops. Assassinations. Coups d'├ętat...
...rigging elections,
propaganda, psych warfare.

In World War Il, I was in Rumania,
Greece, Yugoslavia.

I helped evacuate part of Nazi intelligence
at the end of the war.

And we used those guys
against the Communists.

In ltaly, '48, we stole the elections.
France '49, we broke the strikes.
Overthrew Quirino in the Philippines,
Arbenz in Guatemala...

...Mossadegh in Iran.
We were in Vietnam in '54...

...Indonesia, '58, Tibet, '59.
Got the Dalai Lama out. We were good.
Very good.
Then we got into the Cuban thing.
Not so good.

Set up an invasion to take place
in October, '62.

Khrushchev sent missiles to resist.
Kennedy didn't invade.

We just had our dicks in the wind.
A lot of pissed-off people, Mr. Garrison.
I'll come to that later.
So, 1963...
I spent much of September of '63...