I hear the NSC meeting
was a real barn burner.

I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
Heads will roll. Hear about Lemnitzer?

Kennedy rubbed Lem's nose in shit.
Said if we didn't go into Cuba,
which was so close...

...why go into Vietnam
which is so far away?

There he goes again.
Got his hand on the chicken switch.
Lem said that the Chiefs still think
we should go into Cuba.

Money's at stake.
Big money. $100 billion.
Kennedy bred voting districts
for defense dollars.

He gave TFX fighter contracts only
to those counties that will matter in '64.

The people in the loop fight back.
Their way.

We have to control the intelligence
from Saigon.

We just don't let McNamara stick his nose
in this thing!

Every time he goes over to Saigon
for a fact-finding mission...

...he comes back and scares the shit
out of Kennedy!

Now I want Max Taylor on him
night and day...

...like a fly on shit.
You control McNamara,
you control Kennedy.

I think it started like that.
In the wind.
Defense contractors, oil bankers.
Just conversation.

A call is made. Maybe to someone
like my superior officer General Y.

We're going. We need your help.
In the fall. Probably in the South.
We want you to come up with a plan.
I can do that.

Everything is cellularized.
No one said, "He must die." No vote.
Nothing's on paper.

There's no one to blame.
Is as old as the crucifixion.
Or the military firing squad.
Five bullets, one blank. No one's guilty.
Everybody in the power structure...
...has a plausible deniability.
No compromising connections
except at the most secret point.

But it must succeed.
No matter how many die
or how much it costs...

...the perpetrators must be
on the winning side...

...and never subject to prosecution
for anything by anyone.