...as a character witness...
...who is not under oath
and therefore free from perjury.

Even if is partly true...
...you realize you're damaging
the credibility of the country?

Is a government worth preserving
when it lies to the people?

Is become a dangerous country...
...when you cannot trust anyone.
When you cannot tell the truth.

I say let justice be done,
though the heavens fall!

The JFK Conspiracy:
The Case of Jim Garrison.

Honey, this is about you.
After an investigation in New Orleans...

...reporters have learned...
...that District Attorney Jim Garrison
and his staff...

...have intimidated,
bribed and even drugged witnesses...

...to attempt to prove a conspiracy
involving businessman Clay Shaw...

...in the murder of John F. Kennedy.
John Chancler was a cellmate
of Willie O'Keefe's at Angola.

He said he'd be cut loose
if he copped to the DA's office.

I sent him up for burglary.
And there's his old buddy Miguel Torres.
We sent him up too.
They wanted me to say Shaw
was Bertrand. They'd get me a pardon.

Janet Williams comments
on Willie O'Keefe's...

...descriptions of having met Oswald.
Was he a homosexual?
Not the Lee I knew. Absolutely not.
Mr. O'Keefe must have seen someone
he thought was Lee Oswald.

I didn't talk to nobody.
I was on drugs at the hospital.

I told the FBI that call was a figment
of my imagination.

I think he's quite ill, mentally.
With one half of his mind,
he is able to fabricate evidence...

...then he convinces the other half
that the fabrication is the truth.

Don't worry. There's only 20
or 30 million people watching this tonight.

My reputation's all right
with the people watching Laugh In.