Has he ignored the Mafia connections
to this conspiracy...

...because he's indebted to the mob?
The more one looks at Jim Garrison,
the more one finds...

...he has destroyed reputations, spread fear
and suspicion, and worst of all...

...exploited this nation's sorrow and doubt.
Jim Garrison has said:
"Let justice be done,
though the heavens fall."

He seeks the truth. So do we.
Dr. Martin Luther King's beautiful dream
expressed so dramatically...

...during the 1963 march on Washington...
...was shattered tonight in Memphis,
Tennessee by an assassin's bullet.

Police think the single shot came
from across the street.

They found a Browning automatic rifle,
fitted with a marksman's scope.

I'll get it.
Hello, is this Jim Garrison's daughter?
Virginia or Elizabeth?
Virginia, you're a lucky little girl.
Your daddy's entered you
in a beauty contest. Like to be in one?

I don't know.
My God! What have they done?
Is lynching time.
That sounds fun.
You get out of school at 3:00?
Who are you talking to?
Thas all I need to know.
Mommy, I'm going to be
in a beauty contest.

Who is this? Who is this?
Did you enter Virginia in a beauty contest?
A man called and asked her height,
her weight...

Some crackpot.
Martin Luther King was killed.

Her life's been threatened!
A crank making calls.
Happens a dozen times a day at the office.

Our home! A kidnapper, a murderer!
Only cowards make crank calls.
Nothing will happen.
You don't know what goes on here
anymore! You're busy making speeches!