Getting every crazed Klansman after us!
I'm taking the kids and I'm leaving!
I can't stand it anymore!

The government wants us scared.
You and your government!

They want everybody too scared
to speak out. They count on it.

There's nothing to fear!
Don't you have feelings?

Your own daughter!
What kind of a man are you?
I'll take them to my mother's.
You spend a week.

I'll change the locks, the phones.
I'll get a bodyguard.

Get a hold of yourself!
Before this Kennedy thing,
your children mattered most.

The other night you didn't
even notice Jasper.

He came to me bawling his eyes out.
I promise I'll make more time for Jasper.
Is it such a chore?
Goddamn it! If I said I'll spend
more time with him, I will!

I cannot fight you and the whole world too!
I'm not fighting you!
I'm trying to reach you.

You've changed.
Of course I've changed!

My eyes have opened.
And what once looked normal
seems insane.

And now King. Don't you think
this has something to do with that?

Can't you see?
I don't want to see, goddamn it!
I'm tired. I've had enough!

You're ruining this man Shaw's life
because he's a homosexual.

Thas not why!
Did you ever once stop
to consider his feelings?

You don't believe me?
I don't know!
You never believed me?

I just want to raise our children
and live a normal life.

I want my life back!
So do I, goddamn it!
I had a life too, you know!
You can't bury your head in the sand
like an ostrich, Liz!

Is not about our well-being, our two cars,
our TVs and your kitchen!

Is about our kids growing up
in a shithole of lies. I'm angry!