I don't like it when you and Mommy fight.
I don't like it either, honey.
Why do we have to leave?
Don't you love us anymore?
Daddy loves you both.
There's nothing wrong
with feeling a little scared, Jasper.

Telling the truth can be
a scary thing sometimes.

It scared President Kennedy,
and he was a brave man.

But if you let yourself be too scared...
...then you let the bad guys
take over the country.

Then everybody gets scared.
Stay with Mom, Papa.
Here's another.
The US Attorney in Washington declines
to serve our subpoena...

...on Allen Dulles, Charles Cabell,
CIA Director Richard Helms, any FBI agent.

Whad you expect from a pig but a grunt?
Now ill be near impossible
to prove Shaw's connection to the CIA.

Whas going on?
We've never been refused
an extradition request.

Les get Julia Ann Mercer in here.
No, she could get hurt.
Look whas happening to other people.
She's the best witness we have.
I just don't want to do it. Now, what else?
You got your hate mail here.
And your fan mail here.

The bad news is that the IRS requested
an audit of your income from this office.

I expected that two months ago.
They're wasting their time.

The bad news is the National Guard
just asked me to resign after 18 years.

Maybe thas the good news.
Never was as good as combat.

But this is.
What else?
Oswald went to see the FBI two weeks...
...before the assassination.
May I see Special Agent Hosty?