Why are federal agencies blocking
our extraditions and subpoenas?

I don't know.
Maybe there's some rogue element
in the government.

With a full-blown cover-up?
You ever read Shakespeare?
I do.
Julius Caesar?
"Brutus and Cassius,
they too are honorable men."

Who killed Caesar?
Ten or twelve Senators.
All it takes is one Judas.
A few people on the inside. Pentagon, CIA.
This is Louisiana.
How do you know who your daddy is?
'Cause your mama told you so.

You are taking a crap in the wind.
And I am not going along on this one.
I've had my doubts all along about Bill.
He's been fighting us.
We need him back.
He wasted a month trying to prove...
...that mob boys like Jack Ruby
are hooked up with Hunt Oil.

I don't trust him.
I will not hear this.

I value Bill as much as any person here.
Is time we made room
for someone else's ideas, including me.

Maybe Oswald is what everyone says he is,
and I'm...

...just plain dumb about it.
I've seen him copying files here
late at night.

I don't trust him.
Did you two hear me?

I won't tolerate staff infighting.
I'm afraid I cannot work
with Bill Broussard anymore.

Is this an ultimatum?
Are you giving me an ultimatum?
If thas what you want to call it.
I never thought id come to this.
I guess I am.
I won't have any ultimatum put to me, Lou.
I'll accept your resignation.