Please rise.
The Criminal District Court for Orleans
Parish, Section H, is now in session.

Honorable Judge Edward A. Haggerty, Jr.
presiding. Be seated.

Thas Clay Bertrand.
Thas who I saw at Ferrie's.
Thas who you say you saw.
A confessed homosexual.
Convicted of pandering and soliciting.
A man who has lied about everything...
...and now wants to be taken at his word.
That man, right there. Yes, sir.
He was at the Pontchartrain wall...
...with the man who shot the President.
I remember him because of his limp.
A heroin addict injecting himself
at the wall.

Barely conscious of his surroundings.
Is fair to say you could be mistaken.
Just a figment of my imagination.
The cas stewing you, I told him.
You got the right ta-ta,
but the wrong ho-ho.

Bertrand is not Shaw, scous honor.
And you can tell him I said so.

Objection, Your Honor!
Andrews has been convicted of perjury
on this matter.

Exception taken. That case is on appeal.
Your Honor, we call Police Officer
Aloysius Habighorst to the stand.

I must ask the jury to leave the court.
Clay LaVerne Shaw.

Defendant didn't have his lawyer present.
Is standard booking procedure
to ask an alias!

I call them as I see them!
Any aliases?
Clay Bertrand.
Is not constitutionally required
that a lawyer be present!

I'm ruling that inadmissible!
Thas our case!

Then you didn't have a case.
I wouldn't believe anything
Habighorst said anyway.

I can't believe you're saying this!