...we must prove there was more than
one man involved in the assassination.

To do that...
...we must look at the Zapruder film
which my office subpoenaed.

The American public has not seen...
...has not seen the film. Is been locked
in a vault the last five years...

...in the Time-Life Building in New York.
There's a reason for that.
"The picture speaks 1,000 words."
The Warren Commission thought they had
an open-and-shut case.

Three bullets, one assassin.
But two unpredictable things happened
that day to make it virtually impossible.

One, the film shot by Abraham Zapruder
while standing near the grassy knoll.

Two, the third wounded man,
James Teague, nicked by a fragment...

...while standing near the triple underpass.
The time frame, 5.6 seconds,
established by the Zapruder film...

...left no possibility of a fourth shot.
So the shot of fragment that left
a superficial wound on Teague's cheek...

...came from one of the three bullets
fired from the Depository's sixth floor.

That leaves just two bullets.