...which is to the right,
in front of the President.

Key witnesses that day?
Charles Brehm, a combat vet.
Jean Hill and Mary Moorman.
S. M. Holland, Richard Dodd,
James Simmons...

...standing on the overpass. J.C. Price...
...overlooking the plaza.
William Newman, father of two children.
He hit the deck on the north side of Elm.
Abraham Zapruder.
Each of these key witnesses
has no doubt whatsoever...

...one or more shots came
from behind the picket fence.

Twenty-six trained medical personnel
at Parkland Hospital...

...saw the back of the Presiden¬Ěs head
blasted out!

Doctor Peters.
There was a large 7-cm opening
at the right occipital parietal area.

A considerable portion
of the brain was missing.

A fifth or possibly a quarter of the back
of the head had been blasted out...

...along with the underlying brain tissue.
When's the proper time
to declare one dead?

There was also a large fragment of skull
attached to a flap of the scalp.

The exit hole in the rear of his head
measured about 120 mm...

...or five inches, across.
Not one of the civilian doctors
who examined the President...

...regarded his throat wound as anything
but an entry wound.

But then the body was illegally moved
to Washington for the autopsy.

Because when a coup d'état has occurred...
...there's a big difference between
an autopsy performed by civilian doctors...

...and one that is performed
by military doctors under orders.

The departure of Air Force One, Friday
afternoon was not so much a takeoff...

...as it was a getaway,
with the newly sworn in President.