Johnny Stecchino

- I came to take you home.
- Thanks. You're a nice man.

- You're welcome. Let's go.
- Thanks.

This one used to be a nice town,
but now it's beautiful.

..The sun, the sea, the prickly pears,
Empedocles, Archimedes.

Unfortunately, however,
we are also notorious for a few bad things,

for a few problems..
A terrible problem, you know
what I mean, is given by the volcano "Etna".

Sometimes it loses its temper,
and it destroys towns and villages.

But it's a natural beauty..
There's another thing, however,
which is a really big problem..

..and no one can solve it.
You understood, didn't you ?
I'm talking about drought.
ln summer
the land is really dry here,

..really dry.
It's a bad thing.

Yes, it's bad, I've heard that.
But it's a natural thing,
and there's nothing we can do about it.

But there's a problem we could solve
and yet we don't..

..because it doesn't depend on nature
but on men..

It's the third and worst
of our problems.

A problem which gives Sicily
and Palermo in particular
a bad reputation,

:37:46 front of the world.
You understood, didn't you,
it's useless for me to tell you.

I'm embarassed to bring this up.
It's traffic.
There are too many cars.