Johnny Suede

Or do you like these better?
Babe, you were dressing yourself long before I came on
so why stop now?

- Only asking which of these you like
- And I'm just saying. Wear the ones you like best, ok?!

- Why just you don't tell which shoes you like better? - Cause I guess I don't like either ones.
Those are fucking shoes that I have, ok?
This is the way I dress and you know, goddamned what I wear...

- ...shit around my eyes!
- Ok!

- What's the big deal?
- No big deal.

- Let's just stop seeing each other, right?
- Why!?

- Because it's very obvious to me there's nothing
about me that you wants!- If it is so obvious,
what the hell am I doing standing here, than?

- I don't have any idea.
- Well, I guess I have to spell it out for you!
I'm standing here...

..because I like you!
:56:02's a funny way you're showing it.
- It is ok?
- No.

You've got kind of eyes that
don't need any make-up at all!

- Shut up.
- I'm serious.

Look, hey! I'm serious. You're beautiful.
I'm sorry I've threw a shoe at you.
It's ok. It's all right. Just please don't do it again
cause I hate when people throw shoes at me.

I won't.