Johnny Suede

Wise person who was missed...
- Get a smoke?
- No, I'm out.

You Freak Storm, huh?
That's right. I've seen you before!
What's your name?

John. Johnny Suede.
- What are you doing back here, Freak?
- Meet someone that I wanna see.

- Nice shoes you have here, Johnny.
- Thanks. I like your boots.

- Where did you get them?
- I found them when I was living in Wyomming.

- What were you doing in Wyomming?
- I've been all over, man.

- Me too
- Yeah?

- I was born in a goddamned motel room
- Really?

- Your dad was a traveling sellsman.
- Daddy?

I don't know too much about my daddy, man except
he was shot 5 minutes after I was born.

- Wow, you're kiddin!
- No, I am not fucking kidding.

Even tried to write a song about it, once.
But I just didn't finish it.

It goes like this...
I was born in motel room
When my daddy lost his job.

Just after one
He pulled a gun and blew the brain down the...