Jungle Fever

You crazy or something?
I'll kill you.

I'm sorry.
- What the fuck is wrong with you?
- Fuck you.

- I got the shit! Well, light it then!
- Come on, Viv.

- Gator.
- Hey!

Welcome to the Taj Mahal,
eighth wonder of the world.

Mama wants to know
where the TV is.

Mets lost! They're sorry motherfuckers.
Half can't play as good as Mama.

Where is the TV, Gator?
Where do you think the
motherfuckin' color TV is?

It's right here!
Me and Viv smokin' the fuckin' TV.

Sony... no baloney.
- Motherfucker, don't...
- Hey, hey, hey!

- Come on, Viv. Calm down, baby.
- Don't be touchin' me!

- It's all right. Come on!
- Shit!

- That fuckhead's shittin' with my shit!
- Look, look here.

Mama is cryin' her eyes out
over your sorry black ass!

I like gettin' high.

Why you think I got a room here
at the Taj Mahal?

I'm a junkie,
a crackhead.

Just tell Mama her older son
is a crackhead.

Fine, that's it.
We're cuttin' you off, Gator.

Don't come by the good
reverend doctor's house.

Don't ever ask me
for shit!

If you want to go out like this, fine,
do it with your crack ho.