La Belle noiseuse

Can I help you?
Give me that photo! Come down!
Be nice. It's for me.
Come down, or I'll go up.
I'm coming.
For Nicolas and Marianne that day...
was not like any other day.
Give me that!
It's terrible.
- Who sent you?
- I'm freelance.

You know, there are people
and I know them...

who'd pay a lot...
I don't want any fuss. How much?
A lot.
Tell me the price!
A hundred...
- 100 francs?
- Times 10.

Was it just to kill the time...
that they played this scene,
or were they hiding their fear
of what was going to come?

For Marianne...
this fear was absurd
and without a real cause.

I'll call the police.
You'll end up in jail.
If I were you I wouldn't do it...
Are you trying to scare me?