Life Stinks

You call this an ocean?
Well. sooner or Later.
it all goes to the ocean.

Why are we doing this?
We're doing this because
SaiIor wanted his ashes...

sprinkIed in the old Briny.
He's so Light.
-How mllch did he weigh?
-1 3O. maybe 1 4O pollnds.

Must have been mostIy moistllre.
Is that the best you could do?
A shoe box?

We're Lucky to get it.
Let's face it--

they pllt the rich in an llrn.
and they pllt the poor in
a cardboard box. Like takeout.

Well. go ahead.
Oh. man. here. You do it.
You talk the best.

SaiIor. wherever you are...
He's in there.
I know.
SaiIor. you were a Little man...
often covered
with dirt and fiIth...

and the Last thing
that you ate....

but your heart
was aIways good and cIean...

and I hope you get
your finaI wish...

and your ashes make it
out to sea.

Good Luck.
So Iong. SaiIor.
Bye. SaiIor.

ALL the best.
-Bye. SaiIor.
-God bIess you. SaiIor.

Rest in peace. SaiIor.
Excllse me.
I'm sorry. Am I interrllpting?