Little Man Tate

...that I never paid attention,
that I was probably retarded...

...and that I had a very limited future
as a citizen of the United States.

Then, a week later, she said
I should probably skip second grade...

...maybe even skip
elementary school altogether.

All I want is someone to eat lunch with.
Fred Tate?
Fred Tate!
All right. Let's all be good citizens...
...and be very, very quiet for Fred.
Oh, a visitor.
How lovely to see you, Miss Tate.
Fred and I are just getting
ready to do a little duet.

The kid's got an appointment.
Then we'll just make it one quickie
little verse, if that's all right with you.

- Yeah, whatever.
- Fred.

that there's just too little of
- You were playing backwards again.
- It's a stupid song, Dede.

Dede says I don't have a dad.
She says I'm the lmmaculate Conception.

That's a pretty big responsibility
for a little kid.

His allergies might be getting better,
but I see no improvement in the stomach.

Has he been following the diet?