Little Man Tate

M-A-I T-A-I.
Mai tai. Did I say "margarita"?
I don't think so.
Scotch rocks, vodka tonic and a Bud.
The kid's mind is just somewhere else.
Maybe he's bored or somethin'.

He hasn't said anything, but I can tell.
- Have you heard a word I said?
- Yeah, Dede. I always hear you.

Today your kid's bored.
Yesterday he was having
some funny nightmares.

He woke up inside of some painting
I never even heard of.

Day before that, correct me if I'm wrong,
he wrote you an opera for Mother's Day.

I mean, Jesus, Dede,
if anyone's bored, it's me.

Am I that bad? Sorry.
- What?
- Come here.

- What?
- I got a line on somethin'.

Guy comes in here yesterday.
He owns this big hotel down in Orlando.

They do a show every night
and he says he needs dancers.

Look at this place. It's beautiful.
Oh, come on, Gina. I ain't danced since
I was 19. And even then, I wasn't so hot.

And there is the matter
of my big, fat ass too.

Please, we're talkin' Orlando, honey.
Not Vegas.

Down there, if you can tap your feet,
you're Madonna.

I say we go down there for the summer
and make a vacation out of it.

Hey, you two wanna blab,
go work for the phone company.

Why don't you take a pill, ape-shape?
We're tryin' to talk here.

Well, the place does look really nice.
Fred does like to swim.
Contrary to what
you're saying, Ms Montoya...

...welfare is in fact bad for minorities.
As a social worker, every day you must
see people who have simply given up.

And who's to blame them?