Little Man Tate

That was lovely.
Thank you very much.
I really enjoyed that.

Hey, Fred. I gotta go to work. Come on.
Ms Tate. I'm Jane Grierson.
Please, come in. Sit down.
- Your son is very talented.
- Yeah, I know.

Every year, I take five students
to compete in "Odyssey of the Mind".

It's a kind of mental Olympics, if you will.
They're going to Disney World.
That's not the first thing
I would have told you, but it's true.

We stop many places along the way,
including my ranch in Virginia.

I like to pack as much learning
experience into the three weeks as I can.

Yeah, well, I gotta go. Gettin' late.
Ms Tate. Ms Tate, please.
I didn't make myself clear.
I'm inviting your son to come with us.
If he enjoys himself, he'll be free
to enrol in my school in the fall.

Wait a minute. Um...
I don't even know you.

Why would I let you take my kid on some
trip, let alone enrol him anywhere, huh?

I see.
Well, in this case,
I'm sorry I wasted your time.

Goodbye, Fred.
You may keep this calendar
since I won't be seeing you again.

That way, you can look at
Sunflowers any time you want.

Come on, kid.