Little Man Tate

Come on. Wake up and face north, twink.
I'm an asshole.
Assholes don't have friends.

But then, I don't really care.
- You don't?
- The reasonable man adapts to the world.

The unreasonable man expects
the world to adapt to him.

Therefore all progress is made
by unreasonable men.

- Jane say that?
- It was George Bernard Shaw.

- Like to ride horses?
- I dunno how.

Well, then, today's your lucky day.
When I was a kid, the guy'd grab me
by the neck and shake me and say...

..."So, shithead, you think
you're smarter than your old man?"

Well, were you?
I'm smarter than everybody...
...except Jane.
I dunno. Guys like me...
...and maybe you, we're different.
I mean, I hate to admit it, but...
...without Jane I'd be just
another creep in a cape.

The only drag is listening to her give
those same stupid lectures over and over.

- If it weren't for the game, I'd go crazy.
- The game?

Yeah. Sometimes, instead of listening
to her, I just count the words she says.

Actually, I count everything.
Buildings. Dance steps.

Airspace. Trees.
See, Fred. It's not the size
of a guy's IQ that matters.

It's how he uses it.
I like you, Damon.