Little Man Tate

Well, we can stop on the way
to the city and get something to eat.

Where's your tie?
- I need a belt, Jane.
- Hm?

- I need a belt.
- Oh.

Just tuck in your shirt, you'll be fine.
It seems to me you had
a midterm the other day.

- How do you think you did?
- Fine.

I'm sure you did splendidly.
You think you can tell me
Beaton's refraction formula for the sun?

Mr Buckner might ask you that.
Energy plus parallax equals...
How come you always
ask me about school?

How come you always talk
like you're reading a book?

How come nobody ever comes over?
And... how come you don't
have any kids of your own?

What's wrong with you?
Now, remember, sweetface...
...zillions of people all over the world
are gonna be watching you.

And that means no farting,
no pickin' your nose...

...and no playing with little Mr Peabody.
Close your eyes.
Knock it off, Evan.
You look very handsome.
Is she your mom or what?