Mississippi Masala

- You're from Africa?
- I was born there and then...

- You remember me.
- What's going on?

- Bring the food.
- It's coming, Granddaddy.

- Bring the food.
- Coming!

We waiting on Alicia.
If I say I'm going to dinner
for someone's birthday...

...l'll be sure to be on time.
Alicia's busy, Aunt Rose.
She's moving up in the world.

I never did like that girl. Anybody
change their name to LeShay...

- You got a mean old mouth.
- I say the truth like I see it.

Where's the food?
Where's the food?

While they blew money up their noses,
Eddie had his head on his shoulders.

- Eddie Murphy.
- That's why I ain't going back to L.A.

I'm biding my time here
in Greenwood...

...until I learn how to handle success.
You understand?

I'm hanging around here too.
You know, until I get myself situated.

I'll go see if they need help
in the kitchen.

You need any help with that help?
Because I'm right here. Yeah.
Man, just looking at her
make me break into a sweat.

Don't sweat all over the chicken.
I can't wait to see Alicia's face
when she see her.

When Alicia comes back to you,
you can pass Mina to me.

Like she a bag of groceries
or something?

You so righteous,
you should've been a preacher.

I tell you what,
you should go out with Alicia.

I tell you something,
I already been out with her.

He's about the nicest man
a girl could ever ask for.

- We're just friends.
- Did I say any different?

He was all set
to go to Jackson State.

When his mama died, he didn't
wanna leave his daddy alone...

...because that's the kind
of boy he is.

Now, I made a vow to Grace
that I would look after her boy.

And I've been like a mother
to him ever since.

Doing so well now,
with his own business...