You just did it, kid.
Get lost.
Now do
you see?

Between you and me,
we're equals.

But other people,
they look to you.

What're you sayin', huh?
I'm your front man?

This ain't a con, Charlie.
You're it.

You're the one.
Tommy Reina,
Charlie, Meyer.

Good pal, gonna even
be a better partner.

From your mouth
to God's ear, hmm?

He's got a line on the
good stuff. How good?

Bottle in Bond
Scotch Whiskey.

I got a friend got a boxcar
sittin' on a spur in Philly.

He wants 35 G's.
I only got 10.

Who's this friend?

Arnold Rothstein.
No disrespect, Tommy. Why would Rothstein
wanna do business with bums like us?

'Cause some of us are
Jewish bums. Right?

You'll find out Monday night
when you go to his hotel.

No one ever
called you all bums.

Come on.
It's very
good stuff.

Come on in, fellas.
I want you to meet the genius
who fixed the World Series.

Mr. Arnold Rothstein.
This here's
Charlie Luciano...

and Meyer Lansky.
Tommy, thanks.

Well, sit down.
Sit down.

Mr. Luciano,
you're walking
down the street.

Suddenly you realize
you're being followed. It's a hit.

Walking toward you
is a second gunman.