Show them out.
Fifteen percent, huh?
You know how much
money that is?

Well, I don't,
and neither do you.

But it's a hell of a lot.
Fifteen percent?
As soon as we sold to Faranzano,
he'd knock you off.

Why would he do that? You're Sicilian.
One day you
might wanna be boss.

If he iced you now,
there would be a stink,

but if you're workin' for him,
who's gonna come after him?

Who is gonna give
a fucking shit, except us.

And we'd be history.
He's right, Charlie.
That's why we're in partnership
with theseJews, Frankie.

Excuse me.
How're you, Charlie?
Right this way.

Show Mr. Luciano his table.
Hey, Charlie!
Nice to see ya.
Good to see you.

I heard you told
Faranzano to go fly.

I told him I'd think it
over. Always so polite?

Now you come to
seeJoe, the boss?

It's a very smart move, Charlie.
Everybody needs protection.

Even me.
Where is he? He's up in his balcony.
You oughta come
aboard, Charlie.

We're just one big pasta-eatin'
family over here. All right.

I'll see you later. All right.