Mortal Thoughts

We weren't discussing.
She was giving instructions.

But what were you thinking?
Who was thinking?
Everything was moving so fast.
No attempt to get away from her?
You didn't run for help?

Jump while the van's doing 90?
You've already said you made
no attempt to see if he was alive.

He wasn't fucking moving.
- Take his leg.
- I can't.

Jesus Christ!
I can't do this by myself.

Now push!
John, you know we're gonna
have to book her.

I'm not comfortable with that.
I wanna keep going.

We can always pick her up.
This is your show.
You had the murder weapon
in your hand?

You picked it up and threw it away?
By instinct.
So you're thinking straight
at this time?

Not really.
You know enough to get rid of
the murder weapon.

I didn't wanna leave anything
they could trace.

But you left the body.
- I said I wasn't thinking straight.
- What did you do next?