New Jack City

...a gift from the Don.
Open it.
To the moolanyan in charge.
All the best, babe.
You motherfucking creep!
Think you'll get away with that?

I just did.
Step the fuck off, Gigantor.
Now get their silly, spaghetti-eating
asses out of my office.

Frank, come on. Let's go.
Let's get out of here!

It's total slamboyancy
in the Spotlite tonight.

You're about to get rocked by some
cool, mellow fellows from Brooklyn.

I'm talking about Aaron, Damien,
Teddy, Slim, Guy.

Give it up.
Slim, give a little bit of bass.
This is the sound
That get harder and get down

Everyone must know
We've been here before
And we're going to give you more

It's time to let it show