Omen IV: The Awakening

He kidnappedhis kid.
Hejumpedbail, andsnatchedtheboy.

Don'tgive me that. Thebastard
doesn'tgive a damnabouthis kid!

He's holding theboyhostage.
And you tell your slimy client
that he's in bounty country now.

Andl'm gonnabag him, fiielddress him,
slam him across thehoodofmy car...

like a gutted moose, and drop him
on the steps ofthe countyjail!

I'm partialto Chinese.
Charlie Chan's myhero.


You know courtrooms, you look away
for a second and... ahh!

Ha, ha, ha, ha.
With a sense ofhumor. Hmm.
My friend Forrey Riggs
told me aboutyou.

Lawyer. Black. Very smart.
Wife's a teacher. Yeah, I remember.

-I wentona dig forhim.
-He says you dig pretty good.

Sit down.
I'd likeyou to do
some investigative work for me.

I play Paul Drake
toyour Perry Mason?

No, I gave up my practice long ago.
Congressman Resnick.
Graham Resnick!
Oh, yeah.
I enjoyed taking him down.

-Yeah, my husband got hisjob.
-Iknow whoyouare.

Your husband's pretty clean.
He's a good guy.

Tell him to keep it that way.
Why did you choose Resnick
as your target?

Citizen's Action Committee contacted me.
Huh. Could you tell me
who was on the committee?

My fee is three hundred a day,
plus expenses.

I wantyou to fii nd someone for me.
Missing persons is most
ofmy business.

The baby in this photograph
is our adopted daughter.

I wantyou to fii nd her parents.
Theyoung novice is SisterYvonne.

I have an address for her.
I'm not sure that it's good.