Out for Justice

Fewer and fewer people come out.
I always used to think to myself...
...how it would feel to leave...
...before light...
...and come back after dark...
...with nothing to show your wife
and family for what you've done.

That bell was the loneliest sound
I ever heard.

He was your father, wasn't he?
I remember one time I followed
the old man for a whole summer...

...every day...
...day in, day out.
And after a while,
it started to grind him down.

Nobody, nobody needs him, you know?
If you feel like nobody needs you...
...and you feel useless...
...you die inside.
You let yourself go.
We always used to tell everybody,
"Pop died from cancer. "

I believe he died of a broken heart.
After Pop died...
...and the neighborhood kids wanted
to go to Coney Island to play...

...one of the other fathers,
Mr. Madano...

...used to slip me a little money so
I could go play with the kids too.

You know how I repay Mr. Madano?
You want to know
how I thanked him tonight?

I arrested him.
Just so I could get to Richie.
That's how crazy I get.
Gino, these may be your streets
and your neighborhood...

...but there are
other police officers.

I'm really proud of what you do.
And I know how everybody loves you.