Problem Child 2

Junior, this is kind of a sentimental moment.
Cold River is where I was born and raised.
Everyone I know is here.
Got fond memories of this place.
Fond memories? What are you talking about?
Everybody hated you. Your father, your wife,
those horrible neighbours...
You're right. Let's blow this joint!
Yah! Whoo-ha!
When the pressure's on and you're all alone
Take a little ride into the danger zone
When the moon is high
And the skies are clear

Just show me a sign and we'll be outta here
Take me up on a wing and a prayer...
If you need a friend, you know...
I'll be there

Hound dogs howlin' all through the night
Eight miles high and I'm doin' all right
Better move over
'Cause you're goin' too slow

I feel the need for freedom
Now it's time to go

It's a fine line between pleasure and pain
Let your conscience be your guide
Till we meet again

Your time has come
You can stand or you can run