Rambling Rose

In deep Dixieland,
of October is almost summery.

I had come to visit my father.
Mother had died a few years before
and Daddy was living alone.

He wouldn't have it otherwise.
Seeing the old house,
nostalgia for the south gripped me.

The old South I had known
and the people in it.

When I was 13,
a girl came to this house.

I overheard my father
decide with my mother

to hire this girl.
A good-natured, but unfortunate girl,
working for a farm family,
near Gadsden, Alabama.

Thus she was hired,
sight unseen, by a long-distance call.

She was the first person
I ever loved outside my own family.

But, as my father said,
she caused
one hell of a damnable commotion.