Rambling Rose

You can stop it now.
You'll find him a very good boy.
As you can see, he's beautiful.

this little girl is Frances.

We call her Dolly.
It's short for Doll or Doll Baby.

Doll Baby, that's worse than Waski.
I want to be called Fran.

Daddy won't allow it.
That young man, you have met.
He is my oldest son
and my most brilliant child.

They say
I brag too much about my children.

I simply tell the truth.
Am I boring you, Rose?

No, ma'am. Not at all.
I realised the remarkable thing
about Brother when he was 6 weeks old.

He looked at me and recognised me.
He understood me.
Sounds crazy, but it's the truth.
I have to warn you about him.
He can be very dangerous.
He has an evil streak in him.
It is a streak
of pure, sheer meanness.

You'll scare the girl, going into
the 4th dimension like that.

Maybe to you it's the 4th dimension,
but to me, it's the truth.

Well, well,
so Miss Rosebud has arrived.

Yes, indeed.
Doll Baby, take this for me.
I swear to God, you are
as graceful as a capital letter "S".

You will adorn our house
and give a glow to its old walls.

Yes, indeed.
Now, it is my wife's belief,
which I accept, though do not grasp,