Rambling Rose

I'd never hurt you, ever.
But they'd think I did.

I don't see why you're so worried.
It was my idea. - You don't get it.

They'd blame me, not you.
They'd think I was awful.

A disgusting girl, which I am.
But please don't tell! Please!

Rose, what did those scoundrels
in Birmingham want with you?

They wanted what you said.
- For you to be a prostitute?

How much do they pay girls to do it?
In the house in Birmingham, 3 dollars.
The girls got a dollar
and the house took two.

How many men did they have to
do it with in a day? - I don't know.

10 or 12, I guess. Maybe more.
Twelve, that's a lot of men.
They probably had BO.
and needed shaves.

On the other hand,
12 men a day at a dollar each.

In two days, you'd make
what you make here in a month.

Buddy, I don't want to be no whore.
I can't. It'd kill me.
But that isn't why
I don't want you to tell them.

The reason is...
...I love it here.
I love your whole family.

And Buddy...
I don't want to have to go.

So please...
...if you like me a little bit...
...don't tell them, please!
I know that I'm a bad girl.
But please have pity on me. Please.
Buddy, don't tell them. Please don't.