Rambling Rose

Can't it be Calomel? - This is not
punishment. It's for your health.

If you act like this,
you are full of poisons, you are sick.

Here, Buddy.
Here we go. Open up.
One, two, open up.
Goddamn crap.
What'd you say?
I said "putrid stuff."
- No, you didn't, Brother.

I did. Your hearing aid isn't working.
He's lying.
- Doll, I'll cut your guts out.

And yesterday he stole money out...
- Shut up, you brat!

Children, be quiet.
The strangest
vibrations are in this house today.

Where is Rose, anyway?
Getting herself up to go out.
- What did you say?

She's getting herself up to go out.
- Out? Oh, yes, it's Thursday.

Oh! Hello, Rose, dear.
My, you're looking...
...pretty. - Like my outfit?
I made most of it myself.

It's very... cheerful.
I have a knack for designing clothes.
For the day...
isn't it... tight?
- It's meant to be clinging.

Holy catfish!
What have you done to yourself?

I got myself up is all.
- Got yourself up?

I'm going out. - You're going
out in public like in those clothes?