Rambling Rose

You want me to release her to you?
- No, not really.

But I guess we'll have to do that.
Le t the crazy creature out
and I'll take her home.

I didn't mean to bite him.
He was hitting Horton real mean,
and I just bit him accidental.
I have to get back to the hotel.
I'll speak to you later, Rose.
What is Rose going to do?
Where can she go?

I don't know. They're still in there.
I gotta find out what's going on.

Daddy will kill you, Buddy!
Who says that our morals
are any better than hers?

The idea that one set of morals
is as good as another is ridiculous.

Maybe so, but Rose has never hurt
anybody, and she never would.

She bit
a policeman's thumb to the bone!

I'm sure that in her heart,
her intentions were good.

Good intentions are what
the road to hell is paved with.

You can have a good heart
and still do a lot of harm.

Excuse me.
I could have sworn I saw that boy.