See, I'm a drifter from Texas.
I smoke a lot of pot. Sometimes I trip out to acid.
And, uh, wow, it's like the most horrible scene.
Now you tell me how you can live in an apartment...
with the pieces of a person rotting away, with decay and not know it.
I was totally sick during that period.
So you didn't kill her, but you did carve her up?
- No. - Who carved her up?
There was, like, three people involved in the carving.
So you're denying that you killed her...
and you're denying that you took part in carving her up?
- Washing bones. - Why were you washing bones?
- They were smelly. - Then why didn't you tell the police-
God, that is so gross.
I said it's nice outside. We should go do something.
- Like what? - Well, there is a lake in this town.
We could go out there. We could go out to the hills.
We could go to the park and play Frisbee.
I hate shit like that.
All that nature.
And the sunlight's so oppressive now.
And you don't just go to the lake. You have to prepare for it.
You have to get suntan lotion and insecticide.
It's like premeditated fun.
It's too hot outside anyway.
You know, did it ever occur to you that maybe you're what's oppressive?
I mean, "Let's never go out. Let's never venture out of this
one-square-mile area. "
You're just what they want.
If you're so eager and all fired up...
to get out of the house today, why don't you do that?
Why don't you go to the drugstore and cash a check...
and go to the Kmart and buy a Frisbee.
It takes two people to play Frisbee.
Well, buy a boomerang.
Better yet, I got an idea.
I know something that we could do together...
and we wouldn't have to leave the house, and we wouldn't have to buy