and have their "breakfast of infamy. "
Yeah, yeah. You know, the waitresses went on record in the Warren Report...
- saying that Oswald didn't like his eggs and used bad language. -
You're kidding.
- My goodness. - This is good.
But, of course, then there's my book, you know.
- You've written one of these books? - Well, I've been working on mine.
Yeah. It's gonna be good though.
It's gonna be this totally new approach.
I was just talking with my publisher at this small press.
And, I mean, he was telling me that it's gonna be a real winner.
I was thinking of calling it something like Profiles in Cowardice or something.
But he said he didn't think it was too good an idea, you know.
And he really thought that maybe I should, uh...
do something like call it Conspiracy a-Go-Go.
That's catchy. Yeah, I like that.
I've just expanded and expanded upon it, you know. And I went on -
There's this new section about how J.F.K. And Jackie were speed freaks.
And they were just hopped up on amphetamines day in and day out.
- Is that true? - Really, really. Yeah.
At the White House they were visited all the time by this doctor...
that they came to call "Dr. Feel-Good. "
Oh, it's just crazy. It's just crazy.
Well, you know, these all look really good...
but I think I'll just wait for your book to come out.
I'm supposed to be at a movie, so I gotta get a move on.
- But I'll look for your book, okay? - Definitely look for it.
Profiles in Cowardice or Conspiracy a-Go-Go.
- Hey, what's happening? - Hey, not much. How you doing?
Oh, pretty good. I just located this wonderfulJ.F.K. Memorial
- His Life, His Words, His Deeds. - Cool.
Yeah, just one more and I'll have the whole set.
- All right. - The last one's theJackie Kennedy issue...
that's got those wonderful articles like "How I Told the Children"...
and "Why the Eternal Flame" and all that stuff.