Sleeping with the Enemy

- Hello?
- Hello, Mr Burney.

My name is Vanessa Shelley.
- Yes?
- I hope I'm not disturbing you.

I just heard about Laura, and I wanted
to call and tell you how much we'll miss her.

Thank you.
- How did you know her?
- From the YWCA.

No, you must be speaking of someone else.
My wife never went to the YWCA.

No. No, we took swimming there
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8am.

Look, there's obviously some mistake.
My wife drowned. She couldn't swim.
Well, at first she couldn't.
But she became a good swimmer.

- I'm sure you have the wrong woman.
- This is odd.

Mr Burney,
your wife studied gymnastics, didn't she?

- No, my wife never studied gymnastics.
- That's strange.

She told us that's how
she got all those terrible bruises.

Mr Burney, I don't understand it.
I'm sorry if I've bothered you.

This is just so confu...