From The Sun Also Sets, it's
Montana Moorehead and Ariel Maloney!

Such approval from this crowd
must make you feel good.

We have the greatest,
most loyal fans in the world.

With these stars is the show's
producer David Seton Barnes.

David, a big night for you.
Yes, when I originally hatched
the Caribbean theme...

Celeste Talbert!
Celeste! You know her as Maggie
from The Sun Also Sets.

She's here with Blair Brennan,
who plays her gorgeous husband Bolt.

Celeste, your 12th nomination
as best daytime actress.

It must get to be old hat
for you.

Never, Leeza.
It's always such a genuine thrill.

I know you're anxious to get inside
and share the excitement.

Best of luck to you tonight.
Thanks so much, Leeza.
Now the oil refineries
belong to me.

Only me!
And another thing.
You're all fired.