- A home wrecker.
- A home wrecker and I'm old.

They put me in a turban, Rose.
They put me in a turban.
- It's a plot.
- It is a plot. A plot!

David and Montana are plotting
against me every day.

- Those bastards.
- I can't do this.

You are right.
Why don't you please tell me
to get off the show?

You're not going to eat that.
- Then why did you order it?
- I don't know.

- Then cover it up.
- I like them.

Cover the crawdad butts.
Stephen, please call wardrobe.
I was up half the night thinking
of all these men, these losers.

All the way back
to Jeffrey Anderson.

You went with him when you were
a kid. You gotta get over this.

I'm gonna start eating with Montana.
You driving me crazy.

I have to get off this show
while I'm still alive.

Fine. I could write you out for six
months. You could take a sabbatical.

Six months you'll be gone.
We'll say Maggie went to visit
the Dalai Lama. Spiritual thing.

I thought the Dalai Lama
moved to L.A.

Some other Lama then. It doesn't
matter. Fernando Lama. Come on!

No! What would I do
on a sabbatical?

This is all I know, this show.
It's so pathetic.
It's time...
to take a big trip across
the George Washington Bridge.

It's a good idea.
It's a crutch.
It's a crutch!
We'll do it
this one last time, okay?

All right, this once.
- I'm ready. Are you?
- Yes.